Que Pasa — Music Video

Client: Beats, Bob & Banter

Shot & Edited by Stephan Knight.
Co-art directed by Cassandra O’Grady.

After being approached by Beats, Banter & Bob to put together a video for a track they had commissioned to promote their ‘Que Pasa’ event. I immediately snapped up the opportunity to art direct such a creative project. It was also a good opportunity to work on a collaborative piece with well established video producer Stephan Knight and co-art director Cassandra O’Grady.

To produce the final desired result we connected a standard 10″ car speaker, filled various colours of paint to a home amplifier. When then ran deep sub bass sounds via Youtube, which resulted in the paint jumping up towards the camera lens. We picked a range of frequencies to stimulate the paint to behave in varying ways. This behaviour was then cut to fit the high and low energy of the track we were using.