Heart of London BID — Website

Studio: Hudson Fuggle
Client: Heart of London BID


Heart of London is a Business Improvement District made up of the areas Piccadilly & St James as well as Leicester Square. Within this are around 500 businesses and 100 property owners. The client felt that their previous website had become outdated and they needed a site to not only effectively connect its members to each other and to its services, but also to engage with key business audiences in advance of a re-ballot in March 2017.

The website is built using the WordPress CMS platform to allow the client to administrate all content for the website themselves. The bespoke theme is built on top of a bare bones bootstrap framework with SASS incorporated and compiled using the Compass task runner.

Within the website there are calls to the Google Maps API, which is used to allow the client to add their own locations onto a Google Map as well as display custom information on each of those locations.